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Wash Wax All

Wash Wax ALL is a waterless wash and wax that is safe to use on all aircraft surfaces. Leaves a non-stick anti-static UV protective coating on everything you clean. Removes dirt and bugs without scratching, simply spray on and wipe dry. Safely cleans and protects aluminum, composite, and fabric aircraft. The non-stick coating will also keep your aircraft cleaner longer and make cleaning easier.  Also excellent on aircraft windows and avionics.  Conforms to Boeing aircraft cleaning specification Exterior D6-17487 and Interior D6-7127M. Wash Wax ALL is water based, non-toxic, biodegradeable, and contains no alcohol or ammonia.  Use Wash Wax ALL (degreaser) (RED) for engine exhaust, landing gear, and aircraft bellies.

Wash Wax ALL (Blue) Quarts     $12.00 ea

Wash Wax ALL (Red) Quarts      $12.00 ea

Wash Wax ALL (Blue) Gallons    $28.00 ea

Wash Wax ALL (Red) Gallons     $28.00 ea

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